Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Advanced accordion techniques: Accentuating

There are basically three diffrent ways to play and end a note on the accordion.

1) Finger articulation. Fast start, hard stop.
Pull the bellows so you have some resistance then push the key. To stop release the button first and stop the bellows after you released the button. This will give a hard sharp sound.

2) Bellows articulation. Soft start, soft stop.
First push in the button you want to play then open the bellows. To end, first stop the bellow and later release the button. This will remind a little of the style many violinists play in.

3) Combination. Somewhere in between.
Push in the button at the same time you are opening the bellow. In the same way release the button and stop the bellow at the same time.

It can be helpfult to practice this by using the air release button instead of playing a note since this will pronounce the effect even more.

By experimenting with articulation you will be able to develop your own style of playing and get a lot more character out of you sound.

Best luck with your playing!